Learn to build websites with WordPress. Step-by-Step you create your own website with the help of a theme





In this course, you will create your own website. This course is simple and practical. So if you have always thought of creating your own blog or website, and you can customize it, then WordPress is just the thing for you.

About the course content

In this course, we will create a website using a theme. I explain everything step by step so you can follow every step and imitate immediately. At the beginning, you do not need a hosting provider or a domain since we start the installation on the computer. In the end, I will show you how to change your website with Localhost on the server.

Contents of this course

  • Install the development environment, install and set up WordPress on the computer (localhost / free)
  • Create the website with a free theme
  • Download and install demo content from the theme
  • Step by step navigation through the theme, creating and editing pages and posts
  • Plugins (add-on modules), edit widgets, create menu, set links, edit permalinks
  • Create and customize the contact form, test on the server
  • Newsletter incl. Integration to Mailchimp, test on the server
  • Optimize images for SEO
  • Donwload Backup Plugin and customize it


If you have any questions, you can write me. I will try to answer you within 24 hours!

I wish you all the best for your project and have a lot of fun with the implementation. Enjoy the feeling of having your website finished on your own.

I am pleased to welcome you as a student and to help you.

WordPress complete website for beginners
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Wordpress complete website for beginners
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