6 months of Easy Guitar Lessons for less than #1 Private Class, Guitar teacher Near me

Ultimate Guitar Lessons for Online Beginners is the perfect start for any guitarist.

If you or your child has been wanting to learn guitar this is the time to start.

Pay the same price of this entire course as #1 Private lesson and KEEP THIS COURSE FOREVER.

You can come back brush up on the basics whenever you need to, or download it and play it on the go.

It teaches you Exactly what you need to start learning guitar including;

  • Tuning your Guitar
  • Learning Your notes
  • Learning Chords and a Scale
  • Learning a Song (Chords and Melody)
  • Practice Exercises to make it easy and fun to learn

This course sets you up to be able to play a variety of guitar styles. It also sets you up to continue your learning on your own. It sets up a good foundation to become the guitarist you wish to be.

Ultimate Guitar Lessons for Online Beginners
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Ultimate Guitar Lessons for Online Beginners
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