Excel 2016: all the practical Excel data analysis skills using problem-solving approach on real data set in Excel

Do you want to improve your Excel analysis skills and problem solving skill? Do you have an idea about how to do the analysis but don’t know where to start in Excel? Do you feel powerless because you have to rely on other people to take the data for you? Do you feel frustrated because the data or information given to you is not the same as you want? Do you want to improve your productivity at work using Excel? Do you want to take control of your job and be confident in whatever environment you are in by a thorough data analysis. Then you are in the right course.

Welcome to the most practical Excel course on Udemy! 

You will be confident in using Excel on your own to process data for your analysis. In just a few hours you will go from beginner to advanced Excel level in data analysis. The course will provide you with all the essential Excel skills to build on.

This course takes the problem-solving approach to introduce to you all the essential features of Excel to handle data. It is designed for the busy professionals and students who want to get the most Excel skills and knowledge out of their valuable time. Learn the essential Excel skills from an Excel expert, who had applied the skills on the job. You will get to the important Excel tools and functions quickly, with adequate explanation and useful examples.

Everyone is busy. This practical Excel course will be the course you finish. It takes you from completely beginner level, with explanation about how to save an Excel file, to advanced Excel data analysis functions such as pivot table, pivot chart, Excel Vlookup, Excel Index and Match function in 1.5 hours. Each lessons is accompanied with an exercise to ensure you have enough Excel practice. And the quiz help you solidify your skills to think in Excel. Your time is valuable, and Excel should be made easy for you to learn in a short time.

At the end of the course, you will be able to use Excel to answer 15 analysis questions and more on a data set with thousands of rows. You will no longer feel intimidated by a large Excel spreadsheet without knowing where to start working. You will learn to think analytical and put your thinking to work with Excel essential skills. Real Excel skills that you can build upon.

The beauty of working with Excel is not how many Excel functions you have learned. But how many Excel functions you remember and able to use at any moment. Learn the most important Excel functions and show your Excel skills off to your colleagues and bosses right away.

Practical Excel data analysis skills – Excel 2010,2013, 2016
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Practical Excel data analysis skills - Excel 2010,2013, 2016
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