Skyrocket through months of improvement in days! Turn your guitar playing from feeling like “work” to simply “pure fun”.

This mini-course will teach you exactly how to overcome (and speed through!) the obstacle of changing chords fast – which is the #1 obstacle that is causing 90% of the beginner guitarists to quit within a few weeks/months.

By enrolling and putting in the little work that you’ll learn about – I can assure you that you WON’T be one of the quitters.

That’s right, changing chords is not gonna be a challenge for you anymore – and instead you are going to focus simply on playing the songs fluently, and even singing along if you wish.

By the end of this course – you will be able to easily execute the chord changes between all the basic chords. You will switch between them super-fast, and without even looking. You will achieve that through practicing (for a couple of minutes a day) a small bunch of simple, fun, yet extremely powerful exercises – which will help you DRILL all the chord changes deep into your muscle memory.

You are going to feel the results today, and you are going to be able to cut through months of slow improvement in just days-couple of weeks, and skip to the fun parts of playing the guitar.

By doing the exercises – you will be able to take your guitar playing from the initial, hard stage, where it feels like constant “hard work” – where each chord change is a hassle – and you have to look down and slowly move your fingers one by one…

Into the stage where it’s just “pure, expressive fun”, and you can simply play all of your favorite songs without even thinking about it, without any efforts, and without these “flow-killing” stops between the chords.

Guitar is simple – by knowing these basic chords and how to switch between them at ease + a couple of strumming patterns (which I will teach you in the course as well) = you will be able to play literally tens of thousands of songs.

So join me inside and start having FUN with your favorite songs, instead of struggling with changing chords.


Why should you listen to me on this?

I own almost ALL of my progress on guitar in my first few years to a couple of close friends who showed me these exercises when I just started out.

Thanks to the exercises, I was able to see tremendous and fast improvement in my ability to play my favorite songs – which is what kept me so motivated to keep going along the guitar-learning journey – which so many people give up on.

Over the years, I improved the exercises, added to them, and taught them to my own students, while consistently seeing these tremenedous results keep happening – time and time again.

Trust me – you’re going to be surprised by the speed at which you’re going to see yourself improving and playing your favorite songs in a smoother and better way, every single day. ENJOY!

Switch Chords EFFORTLESSLY >>> Play Songs Fluently (Guitar)
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Switch Chords EFFORTLESSLY >>> Play Songs Fluently (Guitar)
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