Certified sales strategies masterclass – Become a professional sales person!

WELCOME TO THE SALES STRATEGIES MASTERCLASS ON UDEMYThe #1 certified sales strategies Udemy course! If you want to become a sales person or simply want to improve your sales skills, then this is the right course for you! In this course, Justus Zeeman and Leon Chaudhari, CEO of Teaching Hero, will show you how to generate massive sales in B2B and B2C environments online and offline. Additionally, we will focus with you on the following topics:

1. INTERMEDIARY SALES – We will show you how to generate sales via resellers (such as Amazon or Walmart) and how to deal with customers in this regard.

2. CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP: – We will explain how to build long-lasting relationships with your customers and how to build a reliable customer base.

3. COMMUNICATION – We will show you exactly what to say when. You will know how to talk to wealthy customers and to normal every-day customers in different environments.

4. PSYCHOLOGICAL SALES METHODS – We will explain how to influence your customers and make them want to buy your product(s). We will in this regard especially focus on letting the customer become confident in his/her purchase decision.

5. SKILL-EVALUATION – We will teach you how to evaluate your own skills and to always know which sales method to use in which situation. Additionally, we will give you a step by step guide on how to be more analytical in terms of measuring your own skills.

6. TEAM-BUILDING – We will help you to build your own sales team and to manage it. You will know exactly how to come up with great team sales strategies and we will help you to build true leadership skills that bring your team and you ahead.

After watching this course, you will be able to…

1. Generate sales in a B2B environment, analyze them and repeat them continuously

2. Generate sales in a B2C environment, analyze them and repeat them continuously

3. Understand the concept of influence, how to use it in order to get people to buy your product and know how to make people become confident in their purchase decision

4. Understand how to scale a sales team of >10 people, manage it and constantly  drive sales with them

5. Know how to generate intermediary sales via resellers such as Amazon or Walmart

6. Understand the full analytical process of checking on your own sales skills and improving them

7. Be capable of creating sales letters and straight-to-sale advertisements that convert

8. Plan sales (online and offline) and execute on a pre-laid out strategy

9. Generate online and offline sales with the 50+ sales strategies that we will present you here in this course

10. Know how to use and apply the 50+ sales strategies presented in this course. You will additionally know how to fit them to your own expectations and goals

11.Generate realistic goals (in terms of sales) and stick to them no matter what

12. Build customer relationships and build reliable international customer bases

13. and much more!

OUR PROMISE TO YOU: If you do not like this course, you can get your money back within the first 30 days of purchase! SO THERE IS NO RISK IN TAKING THIS COURSE!


Leon Chaudhari & Justus Zeeman

Sales Masterclass: The Complete Sales Strategies Bootcamp
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Sales Masterclass: The Complete Sales Strategies Bootcamp
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