News Paper Headlines from Europe

“90% of quotes in human history use the same 20 words to make an argument!”

Everyone from Julius Caesar to Bob Dylan, could agree on this. Watch the video, and discover the shocking truth. Furthermore, in the same way that you only need 20% of the puzzle pieces to guess what the puzzle is, you only need 20% of a language’s vocabulary to get the big picture when reading an article or a book. With statistical analysis, we discover that adjectives and past past participles do critical work at generating detail and content. So when you buy this course you get:

1. Vocabulary Spread Sheet IN ALL LANGUAGES Designed by Statistical Analysis

2. A Magic Word Table Translated in the Top 10 Languages – the table every quote in human history uses!

3. Weekly headlines from France, Italy, and Spain.


This course teaches you how to read another language with limited vocabulary using cutting edge language acquisition techniques tested on more than 50,000 students. The PATTERN OF ORGANIZATION METHOD was developed originally by CDI in Korea, a killer cram school that spread to 200 schools across the world in several years for its reading methods. CDI changed the way the world learns English. I was an instructor at the main branch in Chung Dahm in 2006, before the company went into initial public offering. I later worked in Apkugeong, Seoul as an SAT 2400 special consultant, where I became haunted by a new client.

“My students didn’t want to study TOEFL anymore. They needed to study the SAT to get into college in their own colleges in Korea – and the problem was they didn’t  know enough English. They were ready for computer based tests, but not paper based ones.” – Mike Ternoey

B.S. Stanford University, Mechanical Engineering

M.S. South Dakota School of Mines, Mining Engineering

US Physics Olympiad Team Member

NYC Public School Teacher

Educational Consultant (Seoul)

CDI Instructor at Main Branch Nara Building (3 of 55)

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