Everything You Need To Know About Forces and Moments calculation , quizzes and exercices with solutions

In this forces and moments course I’ll be walking through all of the basic fundamental topics that any one wants to be good at forces and moments calculation needs to know ; this is a course mostly for prè-module students for anyone who’s just getting started with engineering study

Or for someone who wants to scrape off some rust after being away from few years

All the concepts in this course are things you use constantly throughout any engineering course you will take in future like :

  • – Forces (Causes of force, Units of force and typical magnitudes, Classification of forces, Mathematical representation of a force, Measuring forces, Force Laws,)
  • – Moments (Resultant moment exerted by a force system, Examples of moment calculations using the vector formulas, The Physical Significance of a Moment, tips on calculating moments)
  • – Force Couples, Pure Moments, Couples and Torques (Pure moments, couples and torques.- Définition, Physical Interprétation, and Exemples)
  • – Constraint and reaction forces and moments(overview of general nature of constraint forces, How to determine directions of reaction forces and moments at a joint, Drawing free body diagrams with constraint forces, Reaction Forces and Moments associated with various types of joint,

And of course we will solve quizzes and exercises 

Mechanical Engineering 101 : Forces and Moments
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Mechanical Engineering 101 : Forces and Moments
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