Lots of examples – 3 Case Studies – 1 Project

Important Note: This course is early release. Exercises and quiz for each section ,  more case studies and projects will be uploaded soon

Regular Expressions are strings  that define text matching patterns. This course explains all the concepts of  regular expressions in Python  through simple and multiple  examples so that it will be easy for you to understand.  Each case study consists of  exercises . By solving these exercises, you will be able to write regular expressions for different kinds of text data.

This course consists of three parts.

Part I 

1.Introduction to regular expressions

2.RE Module Basics

3.RE Module Functions

4. Groups

5. Special Characters

6. Matching Repititions

7. Greedy and Non-Greedy Matching

8. Character Classes

9.Anchoring  (will be uploaded soon)

10. Compilation Flags(will be uploaded soon)

11. Back References

12. Look Ahead and Look Behind Assertions

Part II (Case Studies) 


2. Dates


(more case studies to be uploaded soon)

Part III(Projects)

1.Build a Simple Password Checker

(more projects to be uploaded soon)

Master Regular Expressions in Python through Examples
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Master Regular Expressions in Python through Examples
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