Start learning Adobe Illustrator CC by creating a Vector Knight in this quick and easy course.

Do you want to learn how to create vector illustrations quickly & easily and create assets for video games or animation?

You can do it in this course and learn the basics of Adobe Illustrator CC by creating a Trendy Vector Knight!

This class is perfect for illustrators, graphic designers, game artists, mobile game developers and anyone else who would like to learn how to create vector graphics.

Through this assignment you will learn:

  • How to create a base character
  • How to create base armor
  • How to create details for the armor

Content & Overview

This is a great way for beginners to introduce themselves to Adobe Illustrator. Starting with a basic overview of the program, the course will help familiarise you with the tools you will need. Each step will be broken down to make understanding the process even easier, starting with creating a simple vector shape to creating the full knight character.

Follow along as we take a simple 3D primitive shape and step by step create a Low Poly Sword which can be used in your own animation or video game projects.

I have included the .AI file here for you to use as reference. So you’ll be able to work alongside the videos to learn and create your own Vector Knight Character. Please feel free to share your creations as well!

Learn Illustrator CC: Create a Vector Knight
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Learn Illustrator CC: Create a Vector Knight
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