​Create a beautiful hexi quilt top using only your hands and very few tools and equipment.

There is something so special about a hand stitched hexi quilt, nearly everyone that you speak to recalls someone in their family creating one and the heirloom quilt then gets passed down the generations.

Do you want to be the person in your family to create it?

Let me show you how.

So, what is a Hexi Quilt?

A Hexi Quilt is constructed from lots of fabric pieces that have been crafted into a hexagon shape, which all fit together perfectly to make a beautiful hand crafted piece of fabric that can be used as the top layer of your quilt.

I will walk you through, step by step, how to cut out and hand sew each individual Hexi, I will then show you how to stitch them together to create your quilt top.

Choose beautiful fabrics that compliment each other perfectly to create your own work of art.

I love to sew and love to help other people to learn how to sew even more, be sure to follow me for future lessons that I will be adding very soon.

How to Sew a Hexi Quilt Top By Hand
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How to Sew a Hexi Quilt Top By Hand
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