Tactics and Strategies To Manage Cashflow Effectively

This course empowers the business owner to gain greater control, insight and a way forward to improve their current cash-flow situation.

In business it is very common to have periods where profitability is challenged.

This might be for a week, month, or even a quarter.

During such periods the business still needs to pay its bills, which means that having enough cash can be a challenge.   In this course we’ll give you ways to smartly manage expenses so that you are controlling what is “going out” in a strategic manner.

In addition we’ll show you mechanisms in which you can generate cash when you need to and also get more effective at maximising possible the amount of cash available.

Finally, we tap into the behaviours of the business owner so that we can get into positive habits from a cashflow perspective.

Chris Hall, the author of this course, is now on his fifth business, so have valuable insight from real life experience, backed up by his Business Coaching qualifications.

We Will Cover:


  • Industry Distinctions
  • Payment Terms Within Terms & Conditions
  • Cash-flow Forecasting
  • Credit Checking Customers

2. Money IN

  • Cash Generators
  • Online Readiness, EFTPOS Backups & Alternatives
  • Selling Assets & Optimising Your Inventory
  • High Interest Savings Accounts
  • Increase Pricing
  • Valuing Your Time
  • Setting Aside As You Earn

3.Money OUT

  • Payables
  • Credit Cards
  • Reduce Overheads
  • Form Buying Cooperatives
  • Leasing Instead of Buying
  • Payroll Crisis & Backup Plans
  • Consolidating Loans
Hacking Cashflow
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Hacking Cashflow
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