Learn how to Manage your Marketing Tags the Smart Way and become a more efficient Digital Marketer / Analyst

Based on Google Tag Manager 2018 – The course contains Assignments and Real World Examples! ABOUT THIS COURSE

In the noisy digital world, data is what really matters.

Every day a new or existing vendor releases a new pixel/marketing tags (short snippet of code that collects information about a website visitors and their behavior on the site)  to help analysts, digital marketers, and developers collect more data.

The painful problem is that each one of these tags (e.g. Hotjar, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Linkedin Pixel, Doubleclick Floodlights, and others), generally need to be manually deployed on the website, and typically require some level of Javascript knowledge to be implemented.

Hence, it’s pretty much mandatory to team up with development teams every single time a new tag needs to be deployed.

On top of that, there’s always a consistent effort required to configure and manage all these different pixels and tags, and it’s hard to have those communicate with each other.

This course is about the solution to the above issues, Google Tag Manager. The course covers the inside outs of the latest version of Google Tag Manager (2018).

Google Tag Manager is a free tool that makes life easier for people struggling with these issues, by providing a centralized dashboard to create and manage every single tag and pixel needed, with little or no help from dev teams (that will be able to focus on what really matters and provide support only or advanced implementations and on a limited number of use cases).

Google Tag Manager, or GTM, provides a single Javascript Container that will have to be deployed just once on a given website. From that moment onwards, marketers and analysts will be able to track events, implement new tags, make changes or even remove them from the GTM dashboard, with consistent productivity improvement. GTM offers many features that will be fully illustrated throughout the course, with both simulated and real-world examples.


  1. Master all the Google Tag Manager (GTM) features, including Containers, Workspaces, Tags, Triggers and Variables
  2. Setting up a GTM account
  3. Create and Manage Containers
  4. How to use Google Tag Manager with Google Analytics and track page views
  5. How to track links and button clicks with GTM and send data to GA or any other analytics tool
  6. How to install the Facebook Conversion/ Retargeting Pixel using Custom Tags
  7. How to Manage Versioning and Rollback
  8. How to create environments and generate environment-specific containers
  9. What is the Data Layer and how it unleashes the real power of Google Tag Manager
  10. How to use the Data Layer to manage Dynamic Events on a Website (e.g. Add to Cart)
  11. How to implement advanced tagging features like HTML5 Video Tracking

What the Preview Mode is, and how to use it to ensure tagging has been done correctly, before deploying to production

During the course, you will have the opportunity to test your skills by completing a set of challenges,  and interact with your instructor and fellow students, by participating in the course community.

I am a passionate Tech Entrepreneur with 15 years+ In-Depth Enterprise experience in Software Engineering and Web/Digital Analytics and Marketing across multiple sectors, including Adtech, Fashion, Telecommunication, Financial, Media, Fintech, SaaS, Cloud companies and Supply chains.

I am the founder of Webyourmind LIMITED, a software house which today provides Software Development and Tag Management and Troubleshooting services to several clients, and I have personally implemented and troubleshoot tags and pixels for leading technology and media companies.

I have developed several courses and can count today more than 10.000 Students around the world, both online an in person.

Who is the target audience?
Anyone who is in Digital Marketing
Anyone who is in Web/Digital Analytics
Anyone who wants to learn Google Tag manager

I hope to see you inside the course, and I guarantee you I will always make myself available for any question or doubt you might have while attending the class. I am sure you will appreciate the challenges and will start using Google Tag Manager for your business, after completing the course.

Google Tag Manager 2018: Crash Course
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