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Learn about Construction of Transformers,Types of Transformers and Theory of Operation Easily for Electrical Engineering

Welcome to My Own course “ Fundamentals of Transformers for Electrical Power Engineering

We will discuss the importance of Transformers and why it is considered as the Backbone of the Power System.

In this course we will discuss the construction of the Transformer and its Main Components as

Iron Core which is responsible for the Magnetic Flux action.

Magnetic Circuit which is Represented by the Iron Core.

Windings of Transformer,Types,Categories and Construction.

Insulating Material between the Windings and iron core + Transformer Oil and its Great importance.

Conservator of Transformer which Contains Oil and its Function.

Breather which is Used as Filter in Transformer.

Bushings which is Important for Human Safety and Protection from instant Death.

Tap Changer which is used to Control the voltage according to the Load Variations.

Cooling Tubes for Transformer Oil Cooling and Heat dissipation.

Buchholz Relay in Transformer for Gas Detection.

Explosion Vents for Protection of Transformer in case of Internal Faults.

you will learn about Different Methods of Cooling of Transformer and Their Corresponding Power Rating.

you will learn about the Different Types of Transformers as Power and Distribution Transformers.

you will understand the Difference between Single Phase Core and Shell Type Transformers.

you will understand the Difference between Three Phase Core and Shell Type Transformers.

you will understand the Comparison between the Shell Type and Core Type Transformers.

you will see the Transformer in 3D and Real Life in a Video which make everything more Clear.

you will understand the Theory of Operation of Transformer.

you will be able to Differentiate between Ideal and Non Ideal Transformers and understand which one of them represents an Actual Real-life Transformer.

you will realize the Effect of Loading on Transformer.

you will Understand the Transformer Regulation and Efficiency.

you will learn about Different Losses occurring in Transformer.

you will Understand the Meaning of Transformer Rating.

you will Understand the Voltage relation in Transformer.

you will Differentiate between Approximate and Exact Equivalent Circuits of Transformer.

you will Understand the Concept of Referring in Transformer.

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Fundamentals of Transformer for Electrical Power Engineering
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Fundamentals of Transformer for Electrical Power Engineering
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