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Learn how to Create Your Perfect Diet Plan

Nutrition and diet is 70% of your results. You gotta nail it down if you are looking for great results.

For the past 17 years, since the day I left my parents house, I have been on my own:

Planning, Preparing &Cooking my Meals Every Single Day.

Diet Planning Mastery is a summary of what I have learned, analyzed and implemented (related to diet & nutrition) on myself and my clients to help them lose fat/gain muscle or simply to optimize health.

By the end of this course you’ll Learn:

– A simple ‘Ten Step’ process to create a perfect Fat Loss/Muscle Building Diet Plan for you (and/or your family)

– Design Diet plans based on your Lifestyle & Schedule- Simply choose from 5 Meal Patterns Provided

– Learn the ‘Simple Trick’ to ensure that you are taking in all the essential vitamins/minerals from your diet

– Learn how to calculate the ‘Exact Calories’ based on the approach you choose- Enjoyable | Realistic | Aggressive and based on your goals i.e. Fat Loss/Muscle Building/Optimal Health

– Learn how to ‘Monitor’ & ‘Track’ your progress and stay on track with your goals

– Learn to estimate your fat loss/muscle building rate per week/month/quarterly

– Learn advanced strategies to ‘breakthrough’ fat loss/muscle building plateaus

STOP wasting your time with:

– Fad-diets which destroys your health and gives you no results

– Starvation diet which dramatically slows down your metabolism and in the long term causes more weight gain and hormonal imbalances

– Cookie-Cutter-One approach diet plans that you cannot fit into your schedule

Instead, learn the Simple ‘Ten’ Step Process that will help you create your ‘Personalized Diet’ with ease for ANY fitness goal.

All Lectures are Video based where I take your through the whole process of creating your diet easily and quickly.

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