Use Vagrant, Puppet, Github and ServerSpec to create and setup a working DevOps Infrastructure as code on your laptop

What will you learn on this course:

In this course, you’ll learn how to use some popular DevOps tools to create a working Devops Infrastructure on your own laptop.

This course provides an overview of DevOps practices. It doesn’t go into heavy depth or theory, but provides examples for you to follow along with and expand upon as part of your further development in the DevOps world.

What the course covers:

  • Setup your PC with Vagrant, VirtualBox and Git.
  • Get Familiar with Vagrantfile configuration
  • Create three Vagrant VMs to host a web application.
  • Your web application will be load balanced via nginx configuration.
  • You’ll Install and configure a Puppet Master in Vagrant.
  • Write puppet modules to manage your Vagrant node configuration.
  • You will host a small webapp on Github and use the code in your project.
  • Install and configure ServerSpec.
  • Test your VM builds with ServerSpec to give us confidence they have built correctly.

I’ve designed this course based on real DevOps practices from an infrastructure point of view. All of the above will be managed by one Vagrantfile so with one command, you will setup all of this infrastructure within minutes.

This course will help you understand the underlying infrastructure that supports modern day DevOps processes. The lessons learnt in this course will give you a footing to carry on developing and extending what you’ve learned.

DevOps for Operations – Infrastructure as code
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