Learn computerised Bookkeeping Using VT Transaction Plus-Provided as part of the course ( 60 days free trial)

Do you want to learn Computerised Bookkeping to get a job or get a promotion? 

Do you want to learn Computerised bookkeeping to manage your small business finances?

Then this course is for you!

I have designed this course to encourage students to learn Computerised Bookkeeping Step by Step using VT Software . I have provided the free software 60 day trial link for students to download and follow along with me. I have also provided resource file for purchased invoices,sales invoices and bank and cash etc.

Once you learn to use and understand bookeeping using one software ,you can easily manage work on other software as well with bit of common sense as the underlying concepts are the same.

So lets see what you will learn

You will learn :

  1. Company set up
  2. Setting Up Year End and Period End
  3. Departments and Currencies
  4. Entering Purchase Invoices and Credit Notes
  5. Entering Sales Invoices and Sales Credit Notes
  6. Entering Bank Payments and Receipts
  7. Bank Reconciliation
  8. Entering Petty Cash Transactions
  9. Entering Normal and Reversing Journals
  10. Producing Reports such as
  11. Suppliers Aging Report
  12. Customers Ageing Report
  13. Trail Balance
  14. Profit and Loss Account
  15. Balance Sheet
  16. VAT Return
  17. Sending Data to Tax Returns

I have explained the concepts in everyday language and try NOT to use and Jargon.

Computerised Bookkeeping-Step by Step Mastery
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Computerised Bookkeeping-Step by Step Mastery
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