Learn Android app development step-by-step from hands-on senior android developer

Welcome to the “Android Development for Beginners” course.

This is a project oriented course which will help you to learn Android app development in a straightforward and consistent way by guiding you through the real life app development process. Main objective of this course is to build a Notes app for Android using latest development tools, following material design guidelines and Android development best practices.

First we will cover key concepts and components of the Android app such as activities and their lifecycle, intents, layouts, views, resources and data storage (sqlite). After each bit of theory we will use gained knowledge to develop Notes app.

Each lecture is followed by link to the more detailed guides and documentation regarding the topic. Source code of the project app is available at each step.

This course is for everyone who wants to start building Android Apps and has at least basic knowledge of Java and Object Oriented Programming.

Android Development for Beginners: Your first app in 2 hours
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Android Development for Beginners: Your first app in 2 hours
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