In this training course, you will learn a variety of useful tricks and tips to improve your skills in Adobe Photoshop





This course provides you with a fresh look into Photoshop.

We will go through multiple functions demonstrating what you can do with in Photoshop to enhance your developler skills.

Topics include:

  • What are selections?
  • Combine images – create climping mask
  • Moving a selection
  • Fill shortcuts
  • Switch tools
  • Selective Color Matching – change color whtiout selection
  • Removing Objects with Content-Aware Fill

In this course I will walk you through some basic Photoshop skills.
These 28 easy Photoshop tips will be a great start to learning to proces your proyects.

In this course, you will learn:

  • Really useful tips and tricks to help keep you current
  • Work-arounds for working with CC designers and developers
28 Time Saving Tips & Tricks In Adobe Photoshop
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