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The 21-Day Challenge to Start Living a Fit & Healthy Lifestyle





Whenever we hear the word ‘REBOOT’ what instantly comes to our mind is image of our computer re-starting.

Why do we reboot our computers/laptops? Because it hangs…it gets stuck.

The same way, do you feel ‘Stuck’ when it comes to your health and fitness goals?

  • Do you feel ‘stuck’ living an unhealthy lifestyle and want to reboot and start living a healthy one?
  • Do you join a gym, and every God Damn time you quit after some time?
  • You also buy expensive protein supplements, fat burners, and the last time you checked your cabinet they are all expired!
  • Or probably you are someone who had some success in the past—you may have lost few kilos, but you can’t seem to sustain it long enough?
  • Or are you someone who was ‘Fit’ and ‘Lean’ during your college time, but then life took over, you got married or started a new job/business and as a result gained 10-15 kg…..and no matter how hard you try you just cannot get back to your original fitness levels?
  • Or probably you are not overweight. Infact you don’t even want to build a LEAN/MUSCULAR physique. All you want is to be healthy and have a flat tummy and look good in your ZARA Slim Fit Shirt, but those 3-4 inches from your belly just don’t go away!!


I won’t make you feel bad now!

What is done is done…forget about it, its water under the bridge, let’s not cry over the spilt milk…

Lets discuss what You are going to do from this moment on..

Here’s My Promise to you:

I will not ask you to join a gym with The 21-Day Full Body Reboot.

I will never ask you to buy expensive protein supplements, fat burners…or any other miracle slim teas….

Neither will I ask you to procure any exotic fruits or any ingredients that will burn a hole in your wallet

and buying cardio machines??

I hate cardio….so I would never ever ask you to do that…

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