Learn Icon Design by creating Vector Graphics using the .SVG and PNG format with the Free Software Inkscape!

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Learn how to create Vector Art in Inkscape by learning Icon Design!

We’ll be making a lot of Icons in Inkscape by following simple design Decisions and a step by step process.

This Class is suited for any level, either if you want to up your Vector Art and Icon Design skills or to learn some of the basics.

We’ll start by pointing you to some Resources and Inspiration for Icon Design through different websites, then we’ll move on to Downloading and Installing Inkscape while I explain some of the Basic tools we’ll be using throughout the course.

Inkscape: Is one of the most used FREE Vector Art software, with a wide array of options and tools. Whether you are an illustrator, designer, web designer or just someone who needs to create some vector imagery. Here are some of the features:

  • Flexible drawing tools
  • Broad file format compatibility
  • Powerful text tool
  • Bezier and spiro curves

Progressive Learning Experience: Then it’s time to get our hands dirty! We’ll begin by designing simple Icons in Black and white, go through some Basic Colors and Shadows, then progress to Soft Shadows and Colorful Icons and wrapping everything up with Gradients.

Create your own Icons! We don’t want you to just follow blindly, so you are free (and encouraged!) to take your spin on the Icons we’ll be designing. We try our best to diversify the Techniques and Themes of the Videos so we keep the Icon Design practice fun and challenging!

Icon Design Assignment: We’re also giving you an Assignment as part of the Course, where you’ll be making an Icon from a randomized table. This we’ll keep you focused on using your acquired skills and techniques while putting them to use right away!

Free Content: Everything we’ll be doing in the Class will also be available for you to download, completely free. Yes, you will receive all the Icons we’re making in SVG format, so you can edit it on Inkscape and compare to what you have done!

Vector Art in Inkscape – Icon Design
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