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Learn how to create a in-game store manager where users can buy various items with in-game currency


In most games nowadays there are in-game stores where users can purchase various game items that can be used in the game with in-game currency.

These stores also typically allow the users to select the games items which they have purchased so the users can decide which game item they want to use in the game at that point in time.

These systems can become quite complex and overwhelming for most developers however in this course you will learn how to create a basic fully functional in-game store.


  • Allow users to buy various in-game items with an in-game currency
  • Allow users to select which in-game items they want to play with in the game
  • Allow the users to be able to scroll through the various different game items, this scroll effect adds a nice touch to the store

By the end of this course you will be able to confidently build a beautiful in-game store that will allow your users to buy different in-game items with in-game currency and then allow your users to be able to equip/select these items for use inside you’re game.

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Unity: How To Create An In-Game Store
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Unity: How To Create An In-Game Store
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