Master pivot tables with practical examples, real world datasets, assignments, additional bonuses, and more!!

This course covers one of the most used function in Microsoft Excel.

We look at how we can use pivot tables to analyze and summarize data in different ways to gain insight using a real world retail dataset.

This course starts off at a very basic level and dives deep into all the capabilities of using a pivot table on a Mac computer.

In each easy to follow video, you will uncover new concepts, techniques, and other powerful features of excel.

You will be able to follow along each step of the way, and at the end of each module, you will use another superstore dataset to analyze customer payment data.

In this course, we will cover the following:

  • What is a pivot table
  • How to create your own pivot tables
  • Using Excel tables as a data source
  • Summarize data using average and count
  • Formatting pivot tables
  • Creating percentages, difference from, and running totals
  • Sorting and filtering pivot tables using the slicer tool
  • Creating interactive visualizations with sparklines
  • Building infographics with Excel’s new plugin
  • Creating interactive dashboards backed with multiple pivot tables


Ultimate Pivot Table Mastery For Excel 2016 on Mac
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Ultimate Pivot Table Mastery For Excel 2016 on Mac
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