Lean Management – People Management And Leadership Training Including Culture Change Management

Do you want to become a better manager?

Do you want to improve your leadership skills?

This couse will help you master core management skills, it is designed for complete befinners, it will you help you overcome challenges that hold you back and help you climb the ladder of success.

You will learn core leadership and people skills and you will learn how to master LEAN Business Process Management.

Everything you need to further your Managerial Career!

This course had been developed and delivered by Stephen Matther – A leading UK management and change consultant and trainer. He will guide you through the tools and techniques that you need to become a successful manager.

So don’t delay – start your journey today!

Topics Covered In The Course:

Module 1 – Management And Leadership:

  • An Introduction To Management And Leadership
  • Your Management Philosophy
  • Being A LEAN Manager
  • The Forever Learning Manager

Module 2 – Navigating The Course

  • Overview Of The Course
  • Who Am I?
  • Features Of The Course
  • Applying What You Learn
  • The Learning Cycle

Module 3 – The Data Guided Manager

  • Using Data To Make Good Decisions
  • The Data Guided Manager Explained
  • The Data Guided Manager – Further Exploration
  • Getting Control Of Your Processes
  • The Different Methods You Can Use To Get Control Of Your Processes
  • Getting Your Data
  • Other Types Of Lead Indicators
  • Choosing KPIs
  • Analysing The Data
  • Using The Information
  • Creating A Data Guided Team

Module 4 – LEAN Process Management

  • Introduction To LEAN Management
  • LEAN As A Way Of Thinking
  • LEAN Terms And Concepts
  • Further LEAN Terms And Concepts
  • The ProPeC Simple Improvement Process
  • Motivation – The Two Flavours
  • Current State Analysis
  • Creating A Process Map
  • An Example Process Flow
  • Root Cause Analysis – 5 Whys
  • Root Cause Analysis – Fishbone Diagram
  • Exploring The Why
  • FMEA Failure Mode Effects Analysis
  • Define Your Goal
  • SMART Goal Setting
  • Goal Alignment
  • Identify Actions And Plans
  • Analysing Potential Ideas
  • Grid Analysis
  • Planning Your Change
  • Understanding Gantt Charts
  • How To Make A Gantt Chart
  • Planning Your Control Mechanisms
  • Implementing Your Change
  • Keep Your Discipline
  • Ten Meeting Musts
  • Action Boards And Issue Logs
  • The Cost Of Change
  • Review Processes
  • The ProPeC Review Process
Manager Leadership And Lean Management Skills Masterclass
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Manager Leadership And Lean Management Skills Masterclass
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