Your essential guide to autumn and winter holiday themed crafts for kids

Crafting is fun, and there’s no denying its wonderful ability to help children develop their creativity, personality, and fine motor skills.

Children and adults alike take joy in seeing something that they’ve made with their own hands come to life and become a thing of beauty.

This craft course is a celebration of that joy and one that will bring a smile to every child’s face.

This essential collection of autumn and winter crafts will see you delight friends and family with everything from back to school keychains to Valentine’s cards.

There’s something for every holiday: Christmas tree decorations, spooky Halloween treats, and New Year’s delights!

We’ll even introduce you to the Danish style of hygge living and share great ideas and projects that let you incorporate it in your life.

Plus all of the tips, tricks, and templates for each craft are included!

The Essential Crafts for Kids Collection: Autumn and Winter
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The Essential Crafts for Kids Collection: Autumn and Winter
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