Boost your English speaking skills and sound more like a native English speaker.

Supercharge your English speaking fluency and increase your confidence to speak about a range of common topics. You’ll learn how to sound more like a British English speaker, upgrade your vocabulary and boost your conversational basics. You too can sound like a native English speaker.

In English Speaker: Conversation Masterclass, you’ll learn common phrases and language used by native speakers and improve your pronunciation. Expand your vocabulary for common basic phrases and understand different ways to speak in English naturally. In this course, you’ll use the unique Speak. Recite. Write. language learning method to develop and build your English conversation confidence. Using scripts, you’ll develop and build your fluency in English conversation, and begin to develop your own language and answers. Test your language skills with quizzes, listening tests and assignments designed to help you use the language taught in this course.

  • Boost your speaking confidence
  • Expand and develop your vocabulary
  • Build confidence in common conversation topics
  • Learn native speaking phrases and language


This is a unique language learning method, that gives you real ownership of language. By learning scripts (created by the course instructor) and rehearsing language, you will develop your native speaking brain and quickly sound more natural and confident.

English Speaking: Conversation Masterclass
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English Speaking: Conversation Masterclass
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