Create Polished Professional Animations

This course enables you to transform your motion graphics skills from basic to advanced usind Adobe After Effects. By following along in these easy to follow lessons you will be turning out professional animations in no time at all!

Motion Graphics is a fantastic medium for communicating information, however your work will never stand out from the crowd unless you really know what your doing. By completing this course you will build your skills up and make your work stand out from the crowd.

This course is structured through bitesize teaching followed by an assignment you must complete. This ensures that as well as getting taught how to create more polished animations, you re also encouraged to put these skills into practice. This means that instead of using the skills after being shown, you are also given the opportunity to go and utilise these skills for yourself.

There is an extensive amount of project files provided with this course and these are the assets you will be working with and animating. Included in this course is also many PDF handouts which walk you through certain steps and also provide more theoretical animation knowledge.

The first half of the course looks at using and implementing After Effects complex animation tools. The second half of the course looks at the 12 animation principles and how we can incorporate some of hem into our motion graphics to make it a stronger more organic piece.

There is also 2 bonus lectures the end of the course as a special thank you for purchasing this course.

If you are purchasing this course I do strongly encourage you to use the Q+A board if needed and also to tweet your final animations to me on twitter or share them in my facebook group. This is an extra way you can get feedback from myself and other on how to further improve and progress your skills.

Main Key Points

  • -Introduction to Graph Editor in Adobe After Effects
  • -Advanced use of speed graph and manipulation of Bezier curves
  • -Thorough explanation and use of keyframe Interpolation
  • -Advanced walkthrough of sequence layers (linear and exponential)
  • -Use and eplantion of roving keyframes
  • -Thorugh explanation of 12 Principles of animation
  • -Introduction to the ue of squash and stretch
  • -Thoruh walkthrough of Secondary Action
  • -Custom pths for animation
  • -Ease of movement
  • -Contextualisation of skills through specifically designed assignments

Given my background in teaching this course has been designed with you, the learner, in mind.

There are plenty of resources made available to you throughout this course  so if you are someone who leanrs by reading, you are covered.

If you learn better by doing, the assignments in this course will have you covered. If you learn better by watching, then you are also covered!

This course is inclusive of all types of learning to give you the best possible education in Adobe After Effects.

After Effects CC: Advanced Animation Techniques
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After Effects CC: Advanced Animation Techniques
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