Volume 1: Become a development Jedi, Learn how to build flawless programs, Develop clean code to solve complex problems

Programming and web application development with Ruby and Ruby on Rails is onfire, they are some of the hottest skill-sets you can have in the booming tech industry and you can master it – beginner to expert – right here in this course series.

I’m Mashrur, creator of the best selling Ruby on Rails courses here in Udemy and I specialize in training Ruby, Ruby on Rails, RSpec, MySQL and so on. I absolutely love sharing my development secrets with my you!

I build each and every course with you in mind. With feedback from previous courses and incorporating the latest and hottest technologies out there – I strive to make each new course better than the last so students have the best learning experience ever.

This is volume 1 of the Test Driven Development Course and will help you master spec creation with RSpec as you build beautiful, error-free applications with Ruby, one of the easiest and most developer friendly programming languages out there.

You’ll learn how to take bigger, complex problems and turn them into bite-sized pieces so development becomes as easy as watching TV (well not quite that easy, but you get the picture). There has never been a time where building fun, practical, efficient applications was this easy. Don’t take my word for it – check out the free preview video for the final project built in the course!

Become a development Jedi and go from beginner to advanced in this easy to follow course built solely with you, the student, in mind. It’s jam packed with quizzes, coding exercises and practice tests to ensure you learn the material which is presented and are able to retain and re-use it at your will.

You will get full, responsive support for all your questions in the Question and Answer section of the course. You will also have free access to the live chat support where you can interact with other Ruby on Rails developers, current and past students, Teaching Assistants and myself from time to time as well. This course is truly there to support you in your development journey, no matter where you are in it.

The Complete TDD Course: Master Ruby Development with RSpec
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The Complete TDD Course: Master Ruby Development with RSpec
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