Learn Basic Modern Standard Arabic with a comprehensive method that works

By using rote memorization techniques and sensory memory tricks, Student’s will be able to learn the Arabic language at a faster rate than they would have if just studying alone.

This course will present the whole Arabic alphabet, and how individual letters function when written. We will discuss numbers in Arabic and how they are pronounced and written. Lastly, we will memorize common greetings and phrases in Arabic.

Through a comprehensive method, Students will learn:

Every letter in the Modern Standard Alphabet

How Arabic letters function based on placement

Learn Arabic Numbers

After this course I can:

Read any Arabic word

Understand basic vocabulary

Count to 20 in Arabic

Why this course?

It was created by a fellow Student who studied and mastered the Arabic language

It goes over every pertinent detail to ensure full comprehension

You want to learn Arabic, don’t you?

This course is a very basic look at Modern Standard Arabic, but will give you the foundation needed to be successful.

Basic Modern Standard Arabic
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Basic Modern Standard Arabic
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