How To Trade The Financial Markets Like A Pro (+ Practice activities, LIVE analysis examples, & how to use a platform)

In this new course you’ll learn the key concepts, techniques and skills all traders starting out should know.

After this course students will be able to confidently approach Forex trading, CFD trading and financial spread betting.

What’s taught can be applied when trading a range of markets including fx, share, crypto, commodity, debtand indices.

You’ll have a solid grounding in several fundamental concepts, often not taught in beginner courses, that will help set you apart from your peers.

This course is the start of a rewarding and exciting journey for many traders. Whether you’ve become interested in trading recently and want to learn where to get started or you’ve tried an approach and it hasn’t been successful the popular My Trading Skills™ Beginning to Trade course will teach you:

  • What financial instruments can be traded, including detailed explanations of equities, fx, commodities and debt
  • What margin trading is and the popular trading products used by private traders
  • The big 4 risks every trader faces and how to manage them including the single biggest risk new traders will misunderstand, traders either learn about it the hard way or the easy way
  • How you as a retail trader will likely interact with the financial markets and how to set yourself up correctly, reducing your risks from the get go
  • About the hidden costs in trading and how to minimise them
  • About chart types, the limitations and benefits of each
  • How traders can start to analyse the financial markets to find profitable opportunities
  • the key concept of support and resistance, along with
  • Japanese candlestick analysis.

My name is Phillip Konchar and I’m Head Tutor at My Trading Skills™. I love trading, I love teaching it and its my mission in life to show students how to do it properly. I get really frustrated with new traders sometimes: you wouldn’t drive with out first taking lessons, you wouldn’t let a child start to swim without an instructor but for some reason most new traders, risking their own hard earned capital, think they can beat the markets without first learning how to do it properly!  This might be why the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority found that a staggering 82% of retail traders lost money…..if you’re genuinely interested in trading and want to learn how to do it confidently, consistently and with longevity please don’t make the same mistakes the average trader does and take the time to learn it properly.

As well as over 90 professionally developed bite-sized videos, 14 practice tasks, 4knowledge checks and a range of LIVE analysis examples with this course you’ll receive:

  • A risk free, no quibble, full 30 day money back guarantee
  • Free access to an ongoing stream of My Trading Skills™ technical and fundamental market analysis – this is for when you become more advanced but its really important to see experienced analysts in action
  • Unlimited lifetime access to the Udemy course, including new lectures and materials when added
  • I’ll regularly provide useful (and free) insights into all things trading via the announcements feature
  • We’ll support you – you are not alone! I’ll be on hand to answer any questions you have and go above and beyond to support your trading journey

Happy learning, see you inside!

The Rookie Trader’s Guide To Consistent Profitable Trading
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The Rookie Trader’s Guide To Consistent Profitable Trading
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