Trend traders attempt to isolate and extract profit from trends. Trend trading makes extensive use of technical analysis

Forming the base of the technical analysis, technical indicators are  mathematical calculations used by traders to forecast and confirm  short-term price trends of a security.

Ignoring fundamental factors  typically used to evaluate assets such as revenue and profit, technical  indicators solely use historical trading data such as price and volume  to determine the likely direction of an asset’s price.

Types of technical indicators

Trend indicators
These measure the direction of a market trend—up trend, down trend and sideways trend.

Momentum indicators
These measure the speed of a trend and help to identify trend  reversals. They are used only as warning signals—just like the reducing  speed of a car may not end up in it stopping altogether, all reductions  in market momentum don’t end up in a trend reversal.

Volatility indicators
These indicate how uncertain a market is. Volatility is usually measured in terms of standard deviation.

Volume indicators
Volume or traded value plays an important role in generating trading  signals. Break out of trend lines or crossing the moving average  aquires greater signifi cance signifi cant when accompanied with high  volume

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