This is a Practice Test course only and you can test your knowledge on the various topics.

Each and every section will have various questions framed as Multiple Choice Questions.  You will be given a time frame and cut off marks for clearing the course.

You will find questions on the following topics:

a)     Introduction of Accounting   

b)     Accounting Equation

c)     Accounting from  Journal to Trial Balance

d)     Accounting for Banking Transactions

e)     Bills of Exchange

f)      Accounting for Bank Reconciliation

g)    Accounting for Financial Statements

h)     Capital & Revenue Expenditures

i)      Rectification of Errors

j)      Single Enty System / Accounts from Incomplete Records

k)     Consignment Accounts

l)      Depreciaiton Accounts

m)   Joint Stock Company and much more …………….

Also includes Comprehensive Tests covering important topics related to Accountancy jobs and interviews.

More and More questions will be added in this course in due course.

Test your Knowledge in Financial Accounting MCQs
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Test your Knowledge in Financial Accounting MCQs
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