Help Kids Become Focused, Mindful, and Calm with Yoga at School and Home Through Poses, Games, Stories and More

Get ready to learn how to teach and use yoga with young children through a variety of methods in school or at home. This course is designed for teachers, child care providers, counselors, parents and those who want to learn the best strategies to get young children involved with yoga in child-friendly ways.

You will learn characteristics of this special 2-6 year old age group and why it is the best time to introduce them to yoga. This course will include breathing and calming exercises that really work with these young children to help ease anxiety, stress, nervousness, or inability to focus.

Discover what the Best Yoga Poses for Kids are and why your child should be doing these poses regularly. An illustrated pose guide of these top 9 poses is  included in the course for ease in practicing at home or school.

Learn the 5 Best Yoga Games to teach young children to help them practice yoga poses, build strength, flexibility, and practice self control, while working together, and having fun. These games are perfect to play anywhere and require few props or materials.

Get transition tips to help children move easily and quietly from one activity to another in a home or school setting. Live videos, lesson plans, quizzes, and exercises all make this a very hands on and practical course.

Course bonuses include live teaching videos,  sample lesson plans, an illustrated pose guide, 10 yoga games, and a certificate of completion.

This course is a more is a wonderful follow up our Kids Yoga 101: How to Teach Yoga to Kids course.

What are you waiting for? Jump in and get ready to learn how to effectively use yoga with young children.

How to Teach Yoga to Kids at School and Home
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Learn to Teach Yoga to Children
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