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Want to Rank your website on the first position of Google, Bing or other Search Engines, then this SEO Made Simple – A Complete Step By Step SEO Training, is the solution for all your SEO needs

People spend hundreds and thousands of dollars every month to rank their website on any of the search engine.

There are over 5 billion search requests per day on the internet by over 3.9 billion internet users. So the quantum of organic traffic that you can expect on your website is huge. But for this to happen you need to learn the nuances of SEO so as to tap this humongous traffic.

Through the SEO Made Simple – A Complete Step By Step SEO Training, you will understand the complete details of how to rank your website on top position of Google and other search engines.

Curriculum Outline

  1. Introduction
    1. Course Introduction
    2. Learning Objectives
    3. Curriculum Outline
  2. Introduction to SEO
    1. Goals of SEO
    2. Categorisation of SEP
  3. Website Audit and Competitors Analysis
    1. Identifying CMS of the competitors
    2. Identifying the plugins used fir a WordPress website
    3. Self and Competitors Analysis Reports
    4. Understanding Domain Tools
  4. On-Page Optimisation
    1. What are Keywords, its importance and Types of Keywords
    2. Tools for Keyword Research
    3. Tags (Title, Meta Description, Alt Text)
    4. Content, Interlinking of pages and Anchor Text
    5. Bonus Lecture – Creating Post and On Page Optimization for SEO
    6. Robots
    7. Broken Links
    8. 404 Error Page
  5. Sitemaps and Submission of website to search engines
    1. What is a Sitemap
    2. Creation of Sitemap for WordPress
    3. Creation of sitemaps for other types of websites
  6. Speeding up the website
    1. Page loading time a major factor for search ranking
    2. Tools to test website loading speed
    3. How to Decrease Page Load Time
    4. Plugins to improve website speed for WordPress
    5. Choose your web server wisely
  7. Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools
    1. Major Search Engines
    2. Adding your website to Google Webmaster
    3. Submission of Website to Bing
    4. Adding your website to Google Analytics
  8. Off- Page Optimization
    1. Benefits of Internal links and Backlinks
    2. Sources of Backlinks
    3. Blogs
    4. Expired Links
    5. Google Business Registration
    6. Business Listing Directories
    7. News – Press Releases
    8. Article Submission Website
    9. Social Bookmarking
  9. Virtual Private Network (VPN)
    1. What is a VPN and why do you need it
    2. How to use a VPN and some good options of VPN
  10. Strategisation – On line Reputation Management
  11. Black Hat SEO
    1. What is Black Hat SEO
  12. Google Algorithms and Updates
    1. Major Google Algorithms and Updates
    2. Checking the latest Google and other search engine updates
  13. Bonus
    1. You Said It, We Heard It – You will love the Surprise inside
  14. Finishing Touch
    1. Your voice matters, I am listening
    2. A quick recap of what we Learnt
SEO Made Simple – A Complete Step By Step SEO Training 2018
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