Learn Data Transformation with SAS. Clean dirty data with SAS. Analyse your data with SAS. Lots of SAS Practices !

Creating meaningful data is the first step for the all data processes. If you want to create a model, apply data mining model, you have to apply this step firstly.

If you want to become a data engineer or data scientist, this course is really helpful.

You can understand and analysis data with some basic and easy functions in SAS which will be explained in the lesson.

Then you can manipulate data, impute missing variables and create new columns, merge different tables with SAS.

At the end of the course, you can apply all techniques to create clean and meaningful data with SAS.

Lots of functions and examples are applied in this course, if you have any question about a function, I can answer you quickly and also you can suggest new topics or functions to me. Lots of additions will be done in this course.

SAS Programming Data Manipulation and Analysing Techniques
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SAS Programming: Data Manipulation and Analysing Techniques
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