A quick and easy guide to SAP ABAP debugging for Functional Consultants

Debugging for SAP functional consultants is typically a gray area.

The moment SAP’s expected functionality does not work ‘as expected‘ the only panic button SAP functional consultants use is SPRO. But soon we hit a wall.

There are only so many options that SPRO offers – there is so much more in ABAP customization that changes the way standard SAP functions.

Welcome to ABAP debugging – With a good knowledge of debugging, you don’t need to rush to your ABAP consultant at every glitch.

This course gives you the knowledge and mindset required to debug ABAP based customization – like user exits, BadIs, Z Programs and reports.

While these come naturally to ABAP consultants, its takes a bit of guidance for us functional consultants to understand and use debugging to solve those hard to find bugs that are caused due to ABAP based customization.

This course does just that – guide an SAP functional consultant to be able to debug ABAP programs themselves.

SAP Debugging for Functional Consultants
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SAP Debugging for Functional Consultants
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