Why I’m getting paid courses for free ?



When an instructor publish a new course, he want to have some hundreds of subscribers, so he offer a free access to the course with a free coupon, because no body want to enter an empty shop in a mall.



Is there any hidden fees ?


No !

You don’t need to enter your credit card also, just click on get coupon and enroll freely in Udemy.com or SkillShare.com



Is this legal ?



Yes !

It’s 100% legal



I got an “invalid coupon ” or “coupon sold out” error message.

Why is it not working ?



All Coupons are limited numbers or time. They expire fast !

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How much courses can I enroll ?



Threre is no limit, you can enroll as many courses you want BUT if you don’t need it, keep it for someone who need it



Is the free coupon different from the normal payment?


Once you get enrolled in any course with the free coupon, you can get all the benefits : a life time access,  a complete instructor support, and a certificate of completion.

There is no time limit for the course after you redeem coupon


How to say thanks ?



Instructors were generous to share their courses for free, leaving a honest review in udemy is the way to say ‘thank you’.