Coding Rails The Fast And Easy Way

In this course we’ll learn how to build apps (web sites) with Ruby on Rails.

We’ll build this fun little superhero name generator website that will allow us to connect with a third party API to generate data and images, then we’ll learn how to manipulate that on our app.

I’ll also teach you the Ruby programming language. Most people get Ruby on Rails and Ruby confused, but they’re two different things. Rails is a web framework for building apps, Ruby is a programming language…we’ll learn both in this course!

We’ll also really dive into the the Rails controller (the “C” in the Rails MVC system). Learning how to work with the Controller gives you all kinds of power over your app to do really cool things.

Finally, we’ll also learn how to use the hugely popular Bootstrap CSS framework to style our app. Bootstrap is easily the most popular CSS framework in the world, and you’ll learn everything you need to use it right here in this course.

If you already know a little Ruby on Rails, this course will make you a much stronger developer. If you’ve never seen or used Rails at all; you’ll fit right in too!  I take things slow and explain absolutely everything you need to know!

Ruby On Rails: Superhero Generator
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Ruby On Rails: Superhero Generator
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