Complete guide to build a Responsive PHP Registration Form: From Scratch including HTML, CSS and Booststrap

Ready to Learn and build a Responsive PHP Registration Form: From Scratch using PHP, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and MySQL? Then you’re at the right place.

Create your own registration form connected to the MySQL database. In this course the instructor will teach you step by step from scratch how to build a login system that you can customize according to your needs.

This course covers all the aspects of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL along with Bootstrap Framework to create a real-time registration form.

The Source code is included, and the instructor also explains everything as you move along with your code. So, it will make your coding much easier and straightforward.

Learn to use Java Scripts and link to bootstrap files. You will also learn a tool named EMMET to make your HTML and CSS Workflow much faster in Brackets Editor.

You will learn the following:

  • Create a HTML and CSS registration form, login form and a sample webpage
  • Create a MySQL database in phpmyAdmin to accept user entries
  • Create a local We bserver using XAMPP and configuring it
  • Install Bootstrap, Brackets Editor
  • Learn EMMET Package installed in Brackets Editor to ease your HTML and CSS Workflow
  • You will also learn how to apply password hashing
  • Learn complete PHP Basics
  • Connect to your MySQL database using PHP
  • Add bootstrap for responsiveness
  • Use PHP and Java Script for dynamic use.
  • Create PHP sessions to hold user login data and Buffer Function
  • Create various buttons to login and logout
  • Include Bootstrap Glyphicons

Everything is included to help you easily learn to create your online user registration system for your website. Basic understanding of coding is required, such as use of PHP, HTML and CSS. Code is provided and we walk you through each step to ease your understanding with code.

Responsive PHP Registration Form: From Scratch
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Responsive PHP Registration Form: From Scratch
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