React jsx : Rest Api or Hybrid Chat App cross platform on web , Android , iOS

i am teaching react jsx basics for free for promotional purposes , i will walk you through creating your own product which is a chat app or RESTĀ Api
it is the fastest way to become a full stack developer from begginner.

Course Outline
1.0 Intro
1.2 Overview of Software Engineering
2.0 React Router
2.1 Understanding jsx
2.2 React Components
2.3 Comp lifecycle
2.4 State of Information
2.5 functional Components (Props)
2.6 Reusable Components
2.7 Components Communication
2.8 Component Toggle
2.9 Conditional Rendering
3.1 Firebase CRUD
3.2 Ten ways to Read Firebase
3.3 Firebase Server Side Logic
3.4 React Firebase
5.0 Chat App Algorithm
5.1 Firebase Auth
5.2 Profile System
5.3 Dynamic Content
5.4 New Conversations
5.5 All Conversations
5.6 Chatbox
5.7 Recieve Event
5.8 Chat Analytics

Reactjs Basics (free) & Chat App Cross Platform
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Reactjs Basics (free) & Chat App Cross Platform
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