Consider mass manufacturing and ergonomics while designing modular on-ear headphones using Autodesk Fusion 360

This course introduces you to the importance and impact of product form and ergonomics, both being key elements of product and industrial design.

Focusing on manufacturing for mass production and ergonomics in design, this course explores the impact of design decisions on the mass manufacture of a new concept design for a modular on-ear headphone product. Using Fusion 360 as the 3D CAD/CAM tool to model and visualize new headphone components, you will be able to quickly generate a range of concept designs for headphones. Get started and explore the project design process!

Concepts covered in this course are

  • Form and ergonomics considerations when designing for mass production
  • Fusion 360 parametric solid modeling and freeform modeling to create a concept design modular headphones
  • Sustainable design practices: green material selection, friction, whole systems, and product lifecycle• Types of manufacture for modular on-ear headphones
  • CAD/CAM: create setups and simulations for 3D toolpaths to CNC lathe turn
  • Visualization: photo-realistic rendering

Contents and Overview Contents and Overview

This course contains 8 lessons outlining how Fusion 360 CAD/CAM is used in the industrial design and product design process with specific emphasis on form & ergonomics.  One hour of step-by-step video based instruction and a supplemental print resource guide you through the design process and Fusion 360 software. No prior experience using CAD/CAM is required. This course offers project based learning for anyone who wishes to learn how to use Autodesk Fusion 360 software to develop a product design from concept to manufacture.

This course starts with an overview summarizing the course benefits and the project design goal, creating an on-ear modular headphone. Next, the Fusion 360 introduction walks you through downloading the software, navigating the user interface, and key features of the software. A quick practice exercise has you apply these skills by creating and rendering a simple shape in Fusion 360.

In creating the headphones, you will apply Fusion 360 sketching and modeling tools, both parametric and freeform modeling techniques, to design headphones. Your design process incorporates sustainable design practices to ensure that you are thinking holistically about material choices, reducing friction, and the whole product lifecycle. You also confirm the ergonomic fit of the headphones using the Fusion 360 Attached Canvas feature which allows you to import a 2D drawing of a human head to confirm the headphone scale.

For final presentation, you use the Fusion 360 cloud-based renderer to create a photo-realistic image of your headphone design. By the end of this course, you will be able to explain and demonstrate essential Fusion 360 CAD/CAM skills and product design principles. You will be ready to take what you learned and apply it to your own idea for the “next big thing” in product design.

Product Design: Form and Ergonomics using Fusion 360
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Product Design: Form and Ergonomics using Fusion 360
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