This is a complete beginners guitar method, designed to be suitable for those who have never played the guitar.

Have you always wanted to learn the electric guitar, but didn’t know where to start. Maybe you have already tried several methods on the market, but haven’t achieved the results you were hoping for.

Spottyboy music’s Beginner Electric Guitar method has been written and refined over many years, and developed from real live feedback from many guitar students and teachers.

The method is gradual and progressive, focusing on one or two key concepts per lesson, whilst providing fun pieces and exercises to play through.

Each lesson is precisely  focused on performing  a short piece at the end of the lesson. The pieces contain many of the techniques, chord changes and physical challenges an electric guitar player would face in the first few years of playing. By condensing these challenges down into 12 short study pieces, this guitar method becomes an ideal training ground for anyone who wants to start playing the electric guitar quickly and efficiently.

Course Goals.

So why should you invest in this course and what should you be able to achieve by the end.

To understand:

  • The parts of the guitar.
  • Correct posture.
  • The string names.
  • How to find notes on the guitar.
  • How to read guitar TAB.
  • How to read chord boxes.
  • How to use an guitar Amp.
  • How to use a guitar tuner.


  • The finger per fret method.
  • Alternate picking.
  • Palm muting
  • Single string and chord playing.


  • A blues scale,
  • A minor pentatonic
  • A natural minor scale
  • A major arpeggio
  • E blues scale.
  • E natural minor scale
  • G pentatonic major scale



How to play “Electric Guitar”
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How to play "Electric Guitar"
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