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Part 1: Create pixel characters, tiles & props in a Japanese theme

This course takes you through the process of making characters, props and environment elements for an RPG game in a Japanese theme.

Pixel Artist Pablo Serrano takes you through his process of producing professional level pixel art.

You start the project by drawing the hero character in three different pixel art styles manga, retro and modern.

We have chosen the theme of Onna-Bugeisha, female members of the samurai class in medieval Japan.

You’ll create the main character, a female leader of the Onna-Bugeisha, the old grand master and a imperial guard of the Shogun’s palace.

In the second section you will create everything you need for a basic level ground tiles, props and interior wall panels.

Included with the course are all the course materials: characters, tiles and props to experiment with in your own productions!

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Pixel Workshop: RPG Style Graphics
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