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Your first steps to becoming a Remarkable Entrepreneur





Not every entrepreneur is the same; some are more remarkable than others- and here are some fundamental principles to help become a remarkable entrepreneur.

In this free course I talk about:

1.       You need to know what you are getting yourself into. Entrepreneurship is hard and long, but well worth it.

2.       Why self reflection is important– what do I not know, what am I missing, what am I overlooking?

3.       Introspection – examining own mental processes. Your mental responses to life determines how you think, behave and act.

4.       Argue against yourself better than your opposition can – thus finding the truth. By arguing against yourself, you are creating an advantage that your opposition/competition cannot defeat.

5.       Be happy and competent in what you are doing. No matter what you are doing in life, you have to be happy and competent at it.

6.       Increasing your knowledge.Because you don’t know what you don’t know, and a single comment or message could change your life.

7.       Reflection in action; because you need to be able to change your strategy and goals on the fly. You need to be flexible!

8.       Adding value to the world- which is a rather vague description and unactionable strategy.

9.       Do not let fear interfere with your plans. Because we only have 2 natural fears, and everything else is man made.

10.    Expand your comfort zone. Because with more tenacity, you are a powerless entrepreneur.

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Personal Qualities that makes a remarkable entrepreneur
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Personal Qualities that makes a remarkable entrepreneur
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