Learn how to draw in free animation and drawing tool used by professionals all over the world

I still remember march 2016 when it was announced that Toonz, professional 2D animation tool used by famous Studio GHIBLI, creators of anime  such as Princess Mononoke and Spirited away, become open source and available for free as OpenToonz.

There was a huge hype back then, but soon after its release people realize that using professional tools like OpenToonz won’t make them an animators overnight, especially because it has a steep learning curve.

While some educators are trying to explain the tools using very complicated examples, this course is doing opposite: it’s explaining very complicated tools with very simple examples. This course will cover only vector style drawing in OpenTOONZ because it’s easiest to learn and probably most used. To explain how tools are working we are going to use only simple geometric shapes, and when you learn on basic examples, I will show you how to use what you have learn on more complicated drawings.

The more students we get, the more demonstration videos I will be able to make, covering various examples demanded by your side. And of course this will motivate me to continue bringing courses covering OpenToonz capabilities such as character rigging and animation.

So, join me in this course while I am taking you to this exciting journey. Let us together bring our imagination to life with OpenToonz.

OpenToonz 101: drawing tools demystified
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OpenToonz 101: drawing tools demystified
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