This course is about strengthening the Networking concepts and fundamentals with assignments and projects side by side with theory.

Through this course you will be able to :

1. Understand the Functioning of TCP/IP Stack (OSI Model). Understand the function of each layer in TCP/IP stack in good detail.

2. Explain the L2 and L3 routing 

3. Understand various ways to design a Linux TCP/UDP server program in C

4. Understand Socket programming in C

5. Reason Socket programming and Networking interview Questions

6. Understand the Networking devices functioning – L2 switch and L3 router

We Understand – Networking by its nature is inclined towards being a theoretical subject of study. To arouse the interest of the students ,we elaborate each and every topic of this course through an assignment or project.

This course is backed by two Networking projects where we explain the problem statement with description in detail and guide the student from the beginning of the project towards completion of the project. The projects are  completely in line with the concepts and Demos shown and taught in the course.

This course is thorough and completely coding based. We explain the design, discuss the code flow and then guide the audience how to implement the particular concept design in detail in a step by step manner. All you need is a Linux OS running on your system to do this course.

Who should do this course ?

This course is meant for UG Computer science students, job seekers and professional developers. This is MUST do course for those who want to join MNCs as a developer. The topics covered in this course are of utmost importance from interviews aspects and students graduating in computer science and looking to seek an opportunity in MNCs as a developer should have Networking concepts at his/her finger tips.

Better to have done Networking under graduate course, not mandatory

Job seekers trying for the position of Networking developers in product based MNCs

System software development is evergreen area


There is no pre-requisite for this course, however, it shall be advantage if you know a little of C. We designed this course assuming student is a complete beginner in Networking and we raise the level of course gradually as we move from Basic to advance Networking concepts.


We shall provide the long term support to this project, We are yet to add advance topics to this course to make this course exhaustive and complete in all aspects. The Module 9and two upcoming projects number 3 and 4 will be added soon.

Network Programming from Scratch
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