Discover Unexploited Profitable Business Opportunities from Marketplace

In this particular course we will uncover Marketplace Research.

We will analyze the ecosystem where businesses and buyers meet each other.

In today’s marketplaces such as the Apple Store, there are more than 3 million apps, and competition is very tough, but there are some fishing spots where demand for an app is high (that means that it will bring a lot of money for those who are “visible” on the chart), and competition is low or not so high (that means it is not impossible to become “visible” or to even be in the top apps).

In the previous course we talked about groups of apps and categories, and analyzing niches. In this course we will take exact mobile applications and will discover whether there are unexploited profitable opportunities.

There are some indicators known only by experienced appreneurs that loudly say that by making a similar app might bring you enormous amounts of money, and will allow you to get onto the top of the chart.

All this will be followed with practical exercises. This will require some effort from you, but it will pay off many times when accomplished

Mobile App Business #2: Marketplace Research
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Mobile App Business #2: Marketplace Research
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