Increase your confidence and self esteem. Learn how to resolve conflicts, control your emotions and stay sharp in crisis

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where someone was trying to attack you?
Perhaps, you got mugged and had no idea how to handle yourself?
Do you have problems with controlling your emotions and thinking clearly in conflict situations?

The truth is that most people struggle with handling conflicts and defending themselves in heated situations. This is why we created this course.

This course is different than a typical self defence guide. We don’t focus solely on self defence techniques, but put a huge emphasis on handing your emotions, building your confidence and awareness. This set of skills is necessary to successfully avoid dangerous situations and this is what we are all about. We believe that the first step to successful self defence is decreasing the probability of becoming a victim.

We will teach you how to increase your core and perceived confidence so you are less likely to be attacked. You will also learn what to do to prevent escalation from happening, how to control your emotions and maintain your composure. The truth is that those skills can be also extremely useful in your professional and personal life.

We will show you how to avoid getting physical when the situation gets out of control.We believe that using physical violence should ONLY happen when it’s absolutely necessary and there is no other, peaceful way to resolve a situation.

However, not all conflicts can be resolved peacefully and we will teach you how to defend yourself when someone starts being physically aggressive towards you.

Remember: you should always do your best to avoid physical confrontations and we will teach you how. However, we also believe that it’s equally important to know what to do, when you have no choice and your well being is at risk.

Mental & Physical Self Defence – How To Resolve Conflicts
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Mental & Physical Self Defence - How To Resolve Conflicts
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