Your guide to understanding and solving any quadratic equation you encounter

This course will teach you how to solve any quadratic equation you encounter.

You will learn four methods for solving quadratic equations and you will learn when each method can be used.

If you need or want to learn about solving quadratic equations, then this course is right for you! Each method covered in this course comes with an explanation of what the method is, when it works, and examples of using it. A derivation of the quadratic formula is also provided.

Throughout this course you’ll see over 20 videos of thoroughly explained examples and you’ll be able to practice with over 40 exercises, each of which comes with a complete and detailed solution!

The following topics are covered in the course:

  • How to identify a quadratic equation
  • The discriminant
  • Solving by using the square root method
  • Solving by completing the square
  • Solving by using the quadratic formula
  • Solving by factoring
  • Imaginary solutions
  • How to pick the best solution method for any given quadratic equation

Enjoy the course, and I hope you find it helpful!

Math – Solve any Quadratic Equation
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Math - Solve any Quadratic Equation
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