From zero to hero : Get started on the path to become a Linux expert from scratch

In this course , i will help you master the basic concepts of Linux and then we will start on a journey together to master Linux. We will cover the following topics on our way

  • Open source License model
  • Common terms like repo, distro, package etc.
  • Installation of Linux
  • Basic commands
    • Files and Directory operations
    • List
    • Various text editors in Linux
  • Managing Security in Linux
    • Users
    • Groups
    • Permissions
  • Commonly used tools and utilities
    • Search using grep and find
    • Pipe
    • Compress and decompress files in Linux
  • Crontab
  • Installing applications on a Linux System.
  • Network configurations on Linux
  • Basics of Bash scripting
  • Troubleshooting basics
    • Identifying and resolving disk space issues
    • Analyzing log files

As part of the course exercise we will mount a new hard drive on our Linux machine and then we will finish the course by installing and configuring a LAMP(Apache web server, MySQL database server, PHP) stack on Linux servers.

Linux Master Class : Skill up to become a Linux professional
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Linux Master Class : Skill up to become a Linux professional
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