Write more efficient & performant code by learning data structures. Be well prepared for technical interview questions.

This course teaches data structures (linked lists, binary search trees, hash tables) from the ground up.

Data structures allow you to improve the efficiency, performance, speed, and scalability of your code/programs/applications.

You will learn what data structures are, why they are important, and how to code them out in JavaScript.

You will also learn other important programming concepts along the way such as recursion, time complexity, the “this” keyword, the prototype object, and constructor functions, since data structures use these concepts by their very nature.

This course heavily uses diagramsand animations to help make understanding the material easier.

This course is also very good for anyone who is interviewing for developer/engineering jobs at both large and small companies.

Interviewers will very often ask candidates to write data structures out in code, and this course will prepare you very well to do that.

If you have recently graduated from a coding bootcamp or are currently looking for a job, you will find this course to be beneficial.  Knowing data structures will help you to excel in technical interviews.



Learning Data Structures in JavaScript from Scratch
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Learning Data Structures in JavaScript from Scratch
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